About Us

What is Brandsonline.pk?

Brandsonline.pk is Pakistan’s first ever E-Mall (i.e. digital mall) providing opportunities to local brands to mark their online presence similarly on the other hand we provides customers accessibility to reach out all of their favorite brands under one roof.

The idea is to create an authentic online platform with more qualitative brands than quantitative, also to showcase the wide product range local market hold but are nor accessible due to lack of brand awareness. At Brandsonline.pk we create digital outlets for brands and allows them to sell with their own trademark.

Our motive is to turn local brands into e-brands and make online shopping experience reliable and convenient. 

Individuals behind product

Our CORE team

It was the effort and hard work of our founding team to develop Pakistan’s first ever E-Mall. 

immad c

M Immad Uddin

Co-Founder - CSO

M Hasan Mansoor

Co-Founder - CEO

Waqar Nasir